“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.
The important thing is to not stop questioning.”


NAME: - Juvin Agrawal
Email: -juvinagrawal@gmail.com
Facebook link: Juvin Agrawal

Designation: Founder and Head of R&D Elins Technologies

I have done my engineering in electronics and communication. During my engineering, I found availability of knowledge and material was very rare. There were no resources and labs where we can get knowledge to become real electronics engineer and no platform to perform R&D work.

ELINS is founded so that resources and platform can be available to our young engineers who has vision and creativity. We provide internship program to students so that they can see how the work is performed in industries, they can perform R&D to invent, create and to understand the possibilities in electronics. My aim to let the students feel the magic of science and engineering.

We are open for all the engineering branches and expecting creativity with our young engineers.

Thank you,

With regards,
Juvin Agrawal

NAME: - Ratnaditya Tiwari
Email Id: ratnaditya.elins@gmail.com
Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/ratnaditya123

Current Employment : Sr. Embedded Engineer at Intelliplanner Software system Inc.

Every single entity has a purpose to live on earth, so as we do .We are living in the world of technology and unfortunately scrawling one another into the de trop competition. I believe that technology can be embraced and utilized as a part to make better world. And the bases to make such world are engineers, they are the constructors. Embedded and automation as a part of technology is collateral to the Human functioning. We humans are the world as when we combine and thus with learning this technology we fractionally solve the purpose to contribute something to the mankind.

We make our students to feel like “Real Engineer” by dint of all practical and project exposures that an engineer requires.

A Real Engineer is who, who has “CIEL”.
C- Creativity
I – Innovation
E- Enthusiasm
L- Learning attitude.

So “bring CIEL and change the world….”

NAME: - Sanyam Arya
Email: -sanyamarya@yahoo.com
Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/er.sanyam.arya

Current Employment: Co-founder econotes.in

I wanted to achieve and learn more and more, but I did not have any idea how to do it. Then I don’t hark back to how I got to know about Elins Technologies, and I got myself trained in embedded systems from this company. Since then I am associated as an intern with the company, and I got many opportunities to reconnoiter my perimeters. PreviouslyI participated in several Technical Festivals in different colleges, and won many prizes, and I thought this is it! I nailed it !n blah... blah. Blah..

But as an intern I come across the cruel veracity of this Electronics and Corporate world. With the immense help of the company I got to know the real world of Electronics. I learnt a lot form here, not just the better part of me, that’s the Electronics stuff, but also, how to persist in the industry and do the best I do, in a better way.

NAME: - Agam sharma
Email: - sharma.agam430@gmail.com
Facbook link: https://www.facebook.com/agam.sharma.31

Current Employement : Graduate Apprentice at ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation)

Every person has its own way and set of rules to live life. I always prefer practical path. You are the only one person who is going to change the world and the things. When I came to my Engineering life, I was very courageous for the thing what is going to be the next. But, things not go as you always think. I din get the practical knowledge. And one day when I came to know about ELINS technology they gave me a fantastic platform.

When you go to the market and buy any electronic gadgets often you are left with the manuals of how to operate it, the fascination would be how if you can make those

In this regard I am thankful to ELINS TECHNOLOGIES that boost my ability to think creative and even think to built those Embedded Modules by my own. With this I am learning how to approach the solution of any problem..

NAME - Shivam Gupta
Email: - er.shivam.guptas@gmail.com
Facbook link:- https://www.facebook.com/shivam.gupta.904108

Current Emplyment : System Engineer at INFOSYS

In my first year I was unaware about embedded systems and automation also with what really electronics and these systems have impact in real life.

When i joined Elins Technologies I come across with reality that determines the difference between theory and practical aspect of engineering. I found how fun it is to do the practical’s, working on boards and dealing with electronics projects.

It gives me great confidence that I can even start my own company to provided embedded solution and I will, but for now I’m associated with Elins Technologies for last 18 months and enjoying a ton and thank full to them for providing such a good platform that I could not have anywhere else

The list is long. Above are the testimony of Elins GEMS who did hard work to reach to this position. Elins Team has proud of them.